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Adam Tobias
Partner at Inventum Consulting which provides diversity and inclusion workforce advisory services. Passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, frequently presenting to organisations and business leaders about the significant commercial and cultural benefits and opportunities that embracing diversity and workplace inclusion brings.
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According to a recent CIPD study, neurodiverse individuals are the most innovative and creative employee group. Innovation comes through different thinking, sometimes counter-intuitive to the norm...

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Homogeneous teams generally, and naturally, risk falling foul of ‘groupthink’, a term first coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972. Essentially, ‘groupthink’ means the desire for conformity within a group or team whereby members minimize conflict and reach consensus decisions with limited evaluation of alternative options or ideas.

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According to research undertaken by Christie Smith PhD, Managing Principal at Deloitte University Centre for Inclusion, the ‘Millennial’ generation define inclusion differently from previous generations.