Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?

"Emotional Intelligence accounts for 95% of success at work.”

- Warren Bennis– Leadership consulting pioneer

Are you an emotionally intelligent leader? At a time when nearly all our experiences with work have changed, strong emotional intelligence is a key leadership trait...

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ) is a trainable skill – With the right learning, development and coaching, emotional intelligence can be significantly improved. During a recent Inventum Group EQ leadership workshop, we explored what emotional intelligence (EQ) actually means, we discussed how to manage your own EQ development and that of your team, and the importance of EQ in your communication style.


“Emotional Intelligence is a term often used in the workplace – but I’ve never before broken down what it means, how it impacts my role as a leader and how I can develop my EQ skills – the Inventum workshop was so eye opening and engaging. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and a roadmap for my personal development”

- Oliver, Managing Director


The four main components of EQ and its effect on how we work are:

  • Self-Awareness – I am aware of my emotions and how they can drive my behaviours

  • Self-Management – I can control and manage my emotional responses

  • Social Awareness – I am aware of the impact EQ has in how I communicate with my team

  • Relationship Management – I am able to develop and maintain strong relationships


Inventum Co-founder Adam Tobias’ recent article, deep-dives Emotional Intelligence, its importance in leadership and where it sits within the new working 'normal'. The piece also sheds light on Inventum Group's work with organisations, that builds diverse thinking and develops inclusive workplace cultures - ultimately, to drive performance.

For more information on how the Inventum Group can guide your organisation forward through the transition to a new way of working, contact Adam Tobias/Joe Wells