Disability & Employment Report 2020

2020, what a year!

And a year when helping people with a disability gain employment has never been higher on our agenda...

Remote working, flexible working, working from home – whatever term you use, we are hoping that organisations will realise that these options create more opportunities for people with a disability.

Candidates can be just as valuable from home, as they are in the office and it will be interesting to see how organisations embrace more change on 2021.

Operating within the Inventum Group, Wells Tobias were selected to partner with City law firms, tech start-ups and financial services organisations on active recruitment campaigns to help increase the opportunities that are available to those with a disability.

Our work continues as we engage with our candidates, allowing them to be honest and authentic about who they are, and helping to educate companies on how an inclusive workforce can bring true value, over and above the bottom line.

In 2021, we will continue to push these conversations, hoping to bring about yet more positive conclusions.

In line with our position as a Disability Confident Employer, we encourage candidates to be as open as possible in regards to who they are and how they live, this simply helps us to find them the right job.

We felt we had too few candidates who informed us that they had a disability, especially compared to the national statistics, So, we surveyed our candidates and asked them five questions around disability...

See the full results and download the full report here

Heather Lawson (Director)

Wells Tobias - Part of the Inventum Group